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How to Join }SoC{

The only people who can accept someone into the clan are the Council Members. }SoC{ membership is not based on skill. The only true requirement is that you must follow all of our rules. You do not need to be a Christian or believe in God to join }SoC{. Please read and follow each step below carefully:

Step 1: Register on Our Forums

You can register on our forums by clicking this link. Do not register with the }SoC{ or }A{ tags. If you don't have an e-mail account you can get a GMail account for free.

Step 2: Apply

To officially apply, all you have to do is login to our forum and then click this link.

Wasn't that easy? Thank you for your interest in Soldiers of Christ! If you have any trouble with the application process please send an e-mail to applications [at] teamsoc [dot] net (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with a period).


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