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History of SoC

ImageOriginal from Wayback August 11, 2004


Though we may not have much history, there is still a little to tell. We were founded in October of 2003. The exact date is not known, but it was a thursday. Saint had the idea of making a clan a year before, but Slave was the one who brought it up last. He out of no where said "hey, let's make a clan", so we all finally agreed on it. It took another hour just to agree on the name of the clan. It started as Warriors 4 Christ, then we started to change it a little. We finally ended up with the hybred name Soldiers of Christ. Slave wanted Slaves to Christ, but we aren't slaves, we are friends of Christ, so there was some debate on that. Then there were the harder parts. One of which was getting a website. We spent a while searching, then we saw another clan site that had a good host. The best part was it was completely free and no html knowledge was necessary. So we had our website, we had to start recruiting and searching for a forum. The forum wasn't that hard, Saint and Slaves brother Andy referred us to a good free forum host. We finally had all the necessary resources to form a clan, so we started recruiting and searching for christians or people who wanted a clean place to hang out.

The Administrators:

The administrators include SainT, Slave, and Storm. Slave is SainT's brother, and SainT is the only female out of the bunch (and the youngest). SainT, Slave, and Storm have known eachother since elementary school. Slave and Storm are in the same grade, while SainT is a grade below. They go to the same church (the River 4 Square), and the same youth group. Slave is 16, 17 in september, Storm is 16, and SainT is 15. Each of the administrators had a dream of making a clan at least once, but it was Slave who had to okay it (he's motivation for the other administrators). There's not much to tell here. Storm is a spaz, Slave can make an ear shattering scream for fun, and SainT is addicted to McDonalds Chicken McNuggets. We have all been involved in the church our entire lives, or at least most of it. We're dedicated Christian's who are here to try and unite other Christian gamers on the internet.


}SoC{Slave: Philip (Phil)

}SoC{Storm: Dennon

}SoC{SainT: MaryAnn


Since beginning in 2003, Soldiers of Christ has played Halo, and Red faction for a short time in 2004. Shortly before this was posted Jul 2004, SoC had 23 members including the above 3 as admins.

July 2004 Roster

By Dec, 2004 the clan was 69 members strong, becoming more involved in Halo. At that time Saint had become the sole leader of SoC with many responsibilities. A "Council" then formed consisting of Saint, Foxbat, Reaper, and Vox, as well as a team of 7 guardians to help with managing the growing clan.

December 2004 Roster


In early 2005 Exhort joined and was soon after invited to serve in the Council. By March the clan had grown to 109 members including 4 Council and 17 guardians. During this time the clan moved its website from freewebs to a real $ hosted domain, and began hosting 2 dedicated Halo servers as well as a Halo C.E. server. utilizing the invisionfree forums and the graphic art designs of Reaper. March 2005 Roster

Summer of 2005 saw a difficult split in SoC leadership, however God's grace prevailed as some went out to found another Christian clan, XYZ. By December the Guardian Elder group was formed to give additional guidance, support, and defense. The first GE's were King, Pride and Salt, later joined by Asher and R3NNiS.


Early in 2006 Pride was invited to serve as a Council member, and did so for a short time. In Spring and Summer 2006, R3NNiS and Asher accepted the invitation to serve as Council, while Pride, Foxbat and Saint stepped down.

While Halo remained central to SoC's makeup, leadership endeavored on a new idea officially forming Branches in different games- for Xbox, led by Wrath and Dread, and Age of Empires, led by Aggie. In Fall and Winter SoC also added F.E.A.R. and Counterstrike: Source to its dedicated servers. By December of 2006, SoC had also added a World of Warcraft branch, led by Jade. Joining the GE group were IAMIR, Brass, and Joy.


2007 saw a big change in leadership as well as some significant challenges to our branches. Early in the year Jimmy also joined the GE group, as well as Grogl, Blkdog, Mama_OZ and Harley. In the Spring, IAMIR, Blond, and Jimmy began serving as Council. Asher resigned from Council, as well as R3NNiS- both forming the first Reserve Council. Sooner and Swarm also joined the GE's. Exhort stayed on until the Fall, while we redesigned our site. Around the same time she resigned, Mama_OZ was invited to serve as Council. In December Harley was invited to serve in Council, and Setapart as a GE.

Several things happened this year as well with regard to our experiment in branching: During the spring our Xbox branch broke up with members going in different directions. Still commited to having an Xbox branch the remaining group reformed with Squab and BuzzUK leading. The Age of Empires branch and the WoW branches also experienced similar difficulties. Age of Empires reformed under the leadership of Spector17 and crazymoose.


In January of 2008 Jarred joined the GE's team, 4Him also joined GE's in the Spring, and Tech during the Summer. Council remained the same until August, when Blond, IAMIR, and Harley stepped down to Reserve Council. Jen then returned from Reserve to Active Council in September. Blind1 was added to the GE's in December.

Early 2008 saw the Halo2 branch beginning to form. Halo remained the primary game during this year, while Age of Empires and Xbox continued to do well on a smaller scale. Starcraft became an official branch, led by Swarm and Wam during the summer. A new game was on the rise during this year: Team Fortress 2. By the end of the year, SoC was forming a professional team: Double Negative.


In early 2009 R3NNiS stepped down from Reserve Council, and Setapart and 4Him stepped down from GE's. Around the same time Crumpt was invited to join the Guardian Elders. Exhort and Mama-Oz continued to lead the clan with the help of the remaining GE's Jarred, Tech, Blind1, Blkdog, Crumpt, and Swarm.

During the spring and summer of the year, we determined that the Halo2 server and branch were not feasible, and ended up retiring it as well as officially calling retirement for WoW, and Age of Empires. In the same time we made official the TeamFortress2 branch lead by Kaz, Blind1, and Lazer, who held weekly events as well as continuing to support Double Negative.


In Spring of 2010, leadership took a new turn. In March Jester, a long time guardian, and contributor to our biblestudies, was invited to serve as a GE. Exhort retired to Reserve Council in April, and R3NNiS returned to serve in Council in May. This year we began adding guardians again to refresh our largest group of leadership- Arrow, 1-Bar, Brownsound, Soroy, Serene, and DeeVee became Guardians in the Fall and Winter. GLO, and Jaguar were added to the Starcraft leader team, Kyle was added to the TF2 leaders, and Brownsound accepted the job of XBOX live co-leader.

During the year two games began to capture our attention: LOTRO and Minecraft. Tech hosted a minecraft server for the clan, and several of our LOTRO players began hosting nightly parties, which grew in size quite rapidly. Over the last few months of the year we ascribed these groups as "proto-branches" We met and became friends with many new people.


SoC's 8th year, saw a lot of change and activity. In general we had a continuation of surge in applicants and new members as well as an awareness of our growing global presence, adding several members from Thailand, Australia, and Europe. At beginning of 2011 we adopted a new clan motto based on Isaiah 12:2, and Psalm 20:7, "We will not be afraid, but will trust in the Lord. He is our STRENGTH and our SONG"

Early in the year, General Gouda and Brownsound accepted the job of Guardian Elder, and, after a long break, Setapart rejoined the GE's. Also this year a restructure of the admin groups was undertaken to address concerns of stagnation, and restore activity as a main element for members in leadership roles. The Guardians Elder group was set aside for retired leaders and Reserve Council was re-introduced as for active leaders. Shortly following this, a Junior Council group was added with Lazer and SBLeader, it's first members. Additionally, we began encouraging our growing number of Branch leaders to actively develop leadership within their branches, and provided the role of OFFICER to encapsulate this servant leader job. In December, two of our long time members/leaders, Jarred and Jester were invited to serve in Clan Council.

At the start of 2011, two of our proto-branches became official branches- Minecraft led by Spector 17 and Ellmattay, and LOTRO lead by General Gouda, Mr =), and Castiel. Runescape also saw a surge of membership, and we unofficially merged with GWORS. Over the course of the year Dddrgn, DJP49, Hawk, KidD, Kirandio, KnoxJL, and Kyle were also added as Branch leaders for these and other games. Throughout the year there were several events organized by the Xbox branch, as well as in our LOTRO, Minecraft, and Runescape branches.

In the Summer of 2011 SoC's 4th annual LAN party was hosted by MAMA-OZ, in Ohio- with attendees coming from as far away as Canada and California.

Nearing the end of the year, it was decided to retire the Halo and TF2 branches due to inactivity. Despite our efforts to keep it going, it was finally time to say goodbye to Halo PC. There are many other things good and bad to remember about 2011, but one that should not be missed was the vitality and discussion that was had in Bible-study. We feel very confident as we move on, that God is what leads us and keeps us going. It is His blessing and not any particular game that glues us together and draws us forward.


In September, three of our devoted guardians, 1-Bar, Arrow, and Nolebear, were invited to serve in Junior Council, while Blind1 and General-Gouda retired to Guardian Elder. We also welcomed many of our members into the role of guardian and Teamspeak admin to help with our transition to public Teamspeak. Despite the surge we had in 2011, this year we retired the Runescape branch due to prolonged inactivity. As with other branches, it is hard to let go, but we will hold onto the memories of exciting and fun adventures together, and hold onto the hope that God will lead us to new places, and to meet new people in other games.

In 2012 SoC had grown to over 1000 members, and our website attracting attention from over 161 countries. During the year our members played many many games, including Skyrim, SW:The Old Republic, Dragon's Nest, Tribes Ascend, and Battlefield 3. We also saw a little revival in our retired WoW branch. But in addition to these games we saw a lot of interest and new people join us with the newly formed World of Tanks branch. Kilgor and Wazkatango became its branch leaders. B-rye and Laminin also joined the team of Minecraft branch leaders. After months of planning, we opened our Teamspeak server to the public, and SoC started renting an official Minecraft server. Our LOTRO, Minecraft, World of Tanks, and Xbox branches hosted many events and were successful in recruiting many new members. In addition to getting to know new members, we very much enjoyed our Thursday Biblestudy times when we got better acquainted with John, Corinthians, and Genesis.


This is our 10th year in existence, and we look forward to what God has in store.


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